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High mountain village of Malga Fane

The high mountain village of Malga Fane: like coming from a past age

The high mountain village of Malga Fane: like coming from a past age

It could be the location of a fairytale or an old South Tyrolean legend: At the top of the Valsertal, where we think it’ll be nothing left, there is the mountain village of Malga Fane. The ancient farmsteads lay like enchanted at the bottom of the Fundres mountains. Around the church several cottages and taverns are grouped. It’s not such a big settlement that has survived the centuries here: These are small houses with a great history.

A refuge site

A refuge site

It was in the Middle Ages, during the plague, as the people searched for a safe place to stay in the upper valley, far away from the busy streets. While the plague raged, they found high up in Valsertal refuge and a permanent home. Gradually, the current alpine village of Malga Fane, one of the most beautiful in South Tyrol and a popular destination throughout the year, arose.

Once the plague was over, the people returned to their old farms and settlements but the mountain village of Malga Fane persisted. The remote valley made sure that nothing changed of the original buildings.

Paradise for nostalgics

The mountain village Malga Fane can be reached from three trails:

  • The first way up is the forest road, which starts from the parking area at the end of the valley. After about an hour you overcome the 340 meters of difference in altitude and you are rewarded with a great sight of Malga Fane.
  • The milk trail would be the second variant of the ascent to Malga Fane. It also starts from the last parking area in the valley and brings the hikers after about 1 hour of relaxed walking up to the goal.
  • Something more substantial is the walk to Malga Fane along the Valles high trail. For this, you should definitely wear good shoes and be sure-footed and not scared of heights. First you take the cable car to the mountain station Jochtal. From here you begin the almost 2 hour hike, where you can enjoy a wonderful view.

At Malga Fane you can comfortably have a rest, while your soul can migrate in the past. From the fairytale village you can comfortably walk further, to the Wild Kreuzspitze or the Bressanone hut.

The mountain village of Malga Fane ganed a known reputation as staring point of the tour ski race Wurmmaul-circumnavigation and of rendered toboggan rides. Here the Fane festival is celebrated once a year, as well as the milk festival, the milk trail leads up to the hidden village with all sorts of interesting facts about the white trunk.